The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back Across the Pond

Well, a fresh start, and another chance, I would say. After being off the bike for about 11 weeks I am finally back and ready to race. The last few months off with little training at the beginning, not riding, and watching the GP’s go on without me was not my idea of fun. However, I did enjoy my time home with my family and other important people in my life. A lot has changed and there is a lot to adapt to in every aspect of my life at the moment, from my personal life, to my physical condition, and back to racing, I have new challenges to chase and conquer. Riding this past week home in  California, showed me once again why my love for the sport is so strong. Things happen for a reason I believe and I am back in Europe with a new attitude and different goals.

I figure it is time to bring it back to the old school days. My father, and I of course, got to where I am now together, although it wasn’t always fun and games with us. We have had our share of what I like to call the “classic Mini Dad” days. Wanting nothing but good for me he wasn’t exactly easy on me. Although if he hadn’t been firm I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog or racing dirt bikes. Of course at the end of the day it was up to me, but I do believe he played a pretty big role. So with that said when I moved to Europe last year riding for Kawasaki Bud Racing, he took a back seat and let me do my own thing. Needless to say it needed to happen. Lately I feel something is missing somewhere. Maybe what I need is that push, or sense of direction, someone who knows me so well, call it synergy. I am pretty stoked for him to come out to the Swedish and German GP's, possibly more following.

As for now, I am gearing up for my first GP in Portugal this weekend. Funny as I look back last year I remember breaking my wrist when I first came over and didn’t get to ride this GP. From what I saw last year, I enjoyed watching the racing and am really looking forward to being on the track. The track in Portugal has big jumps, amazing red dirt, and looks a little bit like a playground on a video game. I have ridden 4 times on motocross tracks and did some trail riding (thanks Husqvarna for the awesome TE310 ) leading up to this GP my physical condition is not at its best. I plan to use these next few races to race myself back into shape. It is not going to be easy doing 40+ minute moto’s although I am so stoked to say I am going racing this weekend. 

I wish I had some friends or family here but I guess some things we just have to do alone. It has come to the point where there isn’t a whole lot I wouldn't do to make my dream come true. I know I am headed in the right direction, just in God’s time, not mine.

Looking forward to writing next week on my return to the GP's.

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  1. Michael,
    I enjoy reading your blog, and think it's great that you are having the chance to live abroad racing mx. Make the most of your opportunity, enjoy life, believe in yourself, stay committed, find a training partner, train hard, race hard, race smart.