The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Growing Pains

For me growing pains have not exactly been on the outside like everyone else might have experienced, I am only 5’5. To me growing pains have had a different meaning in my life. Growing pains in my mind are the pains of the feeling of failure, or things that will make me stronger. I haven’t been keeping up on the blogs because I would rather not talk about how many doctor visits I have had, or how much playstation I have played here at home in my time off the bike.
To give the short story, after I pulled out of Bulgaria and came home, I have been getting myself better day by day.  April 13th I returned home here in the USA and have seen multiple doctors and have had scans on my brain as well as adjustments to my skull. I suffered from post concussion syndrome and it has been a very long road for me. This is the reason for the title “Growing Pains”. Head injuries are literally like grey matter as to how long or what exactly the problem is. I am that kid that pushes through when it gets tough, and unfortunately with this injury I have been on the couch with doctors orders. It has been a waiting game, literally.
I have been making a lot of progress the last few weeks and am gearing up to ride within 1 week. The French GP is coming up on June 5th which is my target race, and at the moment it is not looking likely that I will make that round so once again I find myself turning my focus onto the following weekend;  Portugal. I hate to start a season out like this and for some reason it turned out just this way.
Training has been very slim for the last 10 weeks and my trainer and I are doing everything we possibly can to keep myself in shape while we wait it out. I have just been released from the doctor this weekend and will be beginning my training on the bike to test how much I can put my body through at the moment. Progress is slow, but it is getting better. Soon enough I will be out there. I have dreamed about racing for 2 weeks now, and it is giving me goosbumps to know I am getting close. I want nothing more then to get out there and show not one person but myself that I deserve to be there.
On the bright side, I have been able to spend some time with the family as well as some of my good friends here at home. The USGP was as good as it gets for not racing I guess. I had a chance to do some commentating with David Bailey as well as Paul Mallin. That is quite a different side of racing than I am used to. Haha. I got to do the live show which was a really good experience. So I have been busy and taking the correct steps to get myself better and I am happy that Husqvarna-Ricci Racing are supportive of my health as well as my family. Check back next week to see the progress as I get ready to head back to Europe and fend for the Americans… Ciao!

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  1. Michael, I,m proud to be your friend and I wish you a solid kick-ass winning season. Keep your fingers on the grip!!