The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things We Do For Things We Love

This week I really couldn’t find much to write about so I have decided to change it up a bit. Pretty much since I have been here I wake up, talk to my girlfriend and parents, ride 4 days a week, train 5 days a week, and do it all over again. Now please don’t mistake me for complaining because I know very well I am living a dream. Trust me I am taking advantage of that the best I can. At the same time, out of 24 hours in a day it is just not exactly possible to train and ride the complete day which leaves some down time. 

My down time at the moment revolves around myself, a computer, and an empty apartment. Now this may sound like a woe is me moment but it has actually done some good. For those of us that take life for granted, things as simple as having someone at the local store to say hello to in the morning, or even a neighbor across the street to wave at in the morning, make me realize that I need to be much more thankful. 

This morning I went to the local market and the lady that works there day after day simply said “hello” in English. Yes, she knew I was an American because it is written all over my forehead… hahaha. The point I want to make is, for people to take a step back and to be thankful for everything in your life. Being across the world from your family, your girlfriend, and your friends really shows you a lot of things about yourself and the things so many people take for granted.

So back to the racing part… since that is the reason I am here anyways.  Lol. This week was another solid week of training with only 1 rain day in between. I am 7 days away from race week 1 of 18. Starting off with the 4 Italian championships, all I can think about is the gate drop… A few other things but that gate dropping is a moment I am here for. Being that I train almost every day, I am beginning to become anxious to get to work on myself as a racer. I am here to make myself stronger, tougher, and a future champion. 

I put myself in a difficult situation to find my way out, left everything behind for a little to find what I am made of and it is about to begin. This week leading into race season is going to be a lot of fun for me. I finally get to go to work and learn as much as possible. Be sure to check back next week to hear about the beginning of the season and where things begin. 

Ci vi diamo dopo!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week Uno

Week 1 in Italy… To say the least, we’re not in Kansas anymore. HAHA. So my first week getting to know my new life here in Italy has been pretty entertaining. From learning some Italian, riding a bit, the weather change, amazing Italian food, and learning many life lessons that never seem to do anything but surprise me. So far this week we have rode 3 times due to some heavy snow and some below freezing temperatures but I am pretty stoked on the new team. Good to know my best interest is their first priority. This week were also many photo shoots along with the team presentation. It is crazy to go from the things I have witnessed in the past to seeing a European team introduction. It is pretty cool to see how passionate they are about the sport I love and it is seen daily in everything they do.

25 days is the countdown to my first race of the year starting here in Italy for the Italian championships on Febuary 27th. I am dying to get going with the long busy year. Can’t wait to just break free and start to complete in what I have been working for this off season. I know it isn’t going to be an easy year and it is not going to be all fun and games. Of course it is going to be fun, but I want to learn, and I also want to be able to apply the thing’s I learn. I have dedicated about all I can into this year and with a strong team behind me I am ready to let it loose. It is crazy to think about how life has changed so much in just 12 months. On and off the bike. Don’t get me wrong, my dad and Rocket Exhaust gave me some pretty competitive bikes… but here I am a factory rider racing the world GP’s in 2011. Chances like this come few times in few people’s lives. No matter where I stand at the end of the year… I want to know I gave it 110%. I have been dealt the cards… time to play them as they fall.

In my spare time this week I got to go to our helmet sponsor down at Suomy and was amazed at how much testing and preparation goes into each helmet. I also got to see the crash testing as well and was amazed how much of a hit a helmet can take and how much information they can get out of it all. Always good to trust what is on your head when your falling out of the sky about to land on your head. HAHA. Also in my spare time this week I built a snowman. We had a 2 day snow storm with about 2 feet and there wasn’t much to do. So I figured I would do something productive. I think if there was a profession such as snowman building… I could have a shot at the tittle. HAHA. 

Well anyways. Off to go ride, check back next week as I test the race bikes for the first time. Should be pretty good and super stoked to get on one.