The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Positive Mistake

So it has been a rough first 2 months as far as results and staying off the dirt once or twice. I look at everything that happens in my life and know it is meant to serve a purpose. A purpose we don’t know although if we remain faithful things will be just fine. I have been taken some time off the bike during the last 2 weeks since I took a pretty hard fall.  I have had an exam and everything checks out to be just fine. The downfall? I am experiencing some trouble as far as working out and getting going again in a normal flow of things. This weekend is the first GP in Bulgaria and I am feeling better now, so it is just a matter of time.

Why is this a bad thing exactly? Many people can say you need to be training, you need to be riding, and you need to push through it. I disagree. In my mind the training is what I busted my a@@ for all winter long. The only good thing you can do to help an injury? Literally watch the clock turn round and round. So with all the time to think and train my mental side of racing, for me this is possibly a blessing in disguise. That is the way I see it as the season is long. We start April 10th and go all the way to September 11th. Having 2 weeks rest prior to the 1st GP is a bit relaxing and reassuring, knowing that all the work is done. I am going to come into the first GP rested and looking forward to being on a bike when many have already quite exhausted themselves.

What are my goals and expectations for round 1? Two things, know who I am, and enjoy racing a dirt bike. The rest will follow. Keeping my emotions and my thoughts together is my key for the first race. Been looking forward to this moment for sometime now and am ready to make big gains this year. It's been a long time coming to get to this moment, and there is a long time to get to my next step.

As far as the rest here in Italy it has all be pretty good. Getting along good with the team and having some fun. I bought myself a pretty nice new road bike and can’t wait to count the miles, or should I say Kilometers. HAHA. Getting pretty good with this cooking thing and I guess sometimes living on your own isn’t so bad. I'm actually learning a lot about myself and how to overcome when I would fail to do so in the past. I am missing people at home, although daily I remind myself why I am here in order to have success.

The next time I write I will be finished with my first GP and off to Belgium for some sand training. This is my biggest goal of the year and I can not wait to overcome that as well. Check back on April 14th for the next blog.


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  1. Wishing you a successful and safe season over in Europe.

    Paul Romo #422 (Christian Riders Fellowship)