The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jet Lag...

So after being in Brazil last weekend we get a nice weekend off before the GP in Holland at Llerop. I thought I was getting pretty adapted to dealing with all the different time zones but being in Brazil for almost a week hit me pretty good and I am well in need of some recovering time after a nice 30 hour traveling day. Anyway, Friday, Jacky my trainer, his girlfriend Manola, and I drove up here to the training house in Belgium and it has been quite a weather change. It has gone from 90 degrees with 100% humidity to 40 degrees with pouring rain and winds that are bone chilling. Friday night we got here at about 8pm after 1,200 miles of driving and had the weekend off to recover. My girlfriend Haley has been at her family's house in Holland so I decided to drive another 300k as soon as I got to Belgium to go have some relaxing time.

I was really excited to see her after being away for the entire month of August and also got to meet some more of her family which was really fun. I got there at about midnight and since I spent my birthday away they had a nice birthday cake waiting for me. I was so stoked! Haha. Saturday I got to sleep in for about 11 hours and it was well needed. Haley gave me the grand tour of where they are in Holland and it is a very nice country although the rain was a bit annoying. We got to feed some sheep, walk around town, and ride bicycles through some pretty tall corn fields. Being on the road a lot of the time is a bit tiring and a day with Haley and her family was really nice to just relax and recharge the batteries a little bit before heading into the last 2 GP’s and then heading home in late September.

Sunday morning it was time to get back to Belgium for some sand riding on Sunday afternoon whitch is well needed for me. Haha. We all know how “good” I am in sand. For this weekend we are making some good bike changes that should really help me for this weekend in Holland but most of all the last GP in Italy September 11th and 12th. As far as preparing for this weekend my main focus is riding sand, sand, and more sand. I want to improve as much as I can from the last sand race on August 1st here in Belgium. I am used to adapting to tracks quite well but this sand stuff is just a little bit different for me. Although it is different it is something new and another challenge for me to accomplish.

My main goal the next 2 weekends is to have some fun and enjoy myself on the bike. I know when these things come together with my racing there is always a good result and with a new bike setup and a bit more confidence in that… I am expecting to have some better speed.

Well that is about it for this week. Next week should be interesting after the Holland sand this weekend so be sure to check back! Thanks for reading and will be posting again next week. Cheers!

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