The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Czech Republic

This weekend we had the GP in Czech Republic, and where to begin. Haha. We flew in Friday night and landed on to a frozen runway with the most rain fall I have ever seen. That isn’t much to most people, seeming as though I am from California, it was a downpour. We ended up getting to the hotel around 9pm and went straight to dinner. I thought people smoked a lot on France, but I was sadly mistaken. It was unbelievable how much smoke was in the room. I could hardly breath and my eyes were leaking… Yes, LEAKING. Lol

Saturday finally arrived and I was looking forward to the weekend in Czech since I was told that the track suited my conditions unlike the week before in the Belgium sand. We arrived at the track that morning to non-stop rain and a track I could literally ride a jet ski on. I am not exactly the professional mud rider at the moment along with sand, but I was ready to have some fun in the mud. So despite the rain and everything else that was going on the FIM decided to cancel the 25+2 lap race and we would take our chronological time for gate pick. One thing about these Euros is they can do a sprint lap like no other, something I am not used to at all. So I qualified a whopping 24th. I was pretty disappointed but I figured Sunday would be better with no rain in the forecast.          

Sunday rolls around with the sun shinning and just a few clouds in the sky, along with a smile on my face. I showed up to the track for practice and they did not even touch the track from the day before. To say the least the track was pretty gnarly. All of the tracks here are much rougher then the ones in the states and that is another thing I had not expected. In practice I figured out some issues with my riding and learning the mud and ran 15th fastest time. Still not anything close to where I should be but it was a start. With 5 minutes left on the practice clock, I found myself on the side of the track a little dazed and confused while people were standing over me yelling in some odd language. My trainer Jacky told me someone crossed into my line off a jump and I hit the ground without my motorcycle.

I was pretty bummed that I found myself in question of what I did but that is the price we pay sometimes. I wanted to ride the first moto and see what would happen. I got out to a mid pack start and 1 lap later I decided that it was not the right time to be on a motorcycle and put myself at even more risk. The near future will take me to Brazil, Holland, and also Italy. I would rather focus on those things and give it everything I have. I just got my Brazilian visa and am heading back home now to Hossegor, France. Starting to feel better and just waiting till next weekend as I travel to northern France for another French championship. As I write blog #3 I am on a train headed home from Paris relaxing. So for now I will say goodbye and look forward to the weekend to arrive. See you next week!


  1. Good luck kid. You are living the dream of a million weekend warriors here in the states, so keep up your positive attitude and stay focused on your goal. Only good things can follow.

    I look forward to following your blog and can't wait to see how you fare as you gain more international experience.


  2. Chin up Michael, its a hard transition from the American scene to the tracks of Europe. Good to hear your approaching your international experience with a level head. Your speed will follow... look forward to following your journey from down-under.

    Keep it upright!