The End Where I Begin...

The End Where I Begin...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The End Where I Begin...

So here I am in Italy… Got off the airplane less than week ago to see snow, ice, and far below freezing weather. Lol. I guess you could say it is not California weather. I have been anxious for this moment for a couple of months now and it is time to push the limits once again. New team, new trainer, new mechanic, new country, and one year living away from home in Italy. I would say that is about as fresh a start one can have. Did I mention the miserable 9 hour time change. LOL. I have had a few days rest to adapt to some amazing food and some time with mom as well as the team.

This week we start riding and training along with my team mate Alessandro Lupino. We have 4 weeks before our first Italian championship to prepare for the long awaited World GP circuit. We have 4 Italian championship races before beginning the 15 race GP series.  Teams here usually head south for practice, this might mean a journey to Sardinia in the near future. 

Last year was not an easy one for me dealing with the new lifestyle and everything else that came along with it. I have many things to prove to myself. I want to rise above when all odds are lost. I want to rebound from last year and perform to what I know I am capable of and what better moment then now. 

I have sacrificed this life of mine to be a champion. I might not be a champion tomorrow, or the day after, but I will live my dream of becoming a champion. Anything great in life takes time and sacrifice. 

As for now it is off to work and a chance to get some seat time in on the new Husqvarna and prepare for the unknown.  

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